How to Add and Use the “Confessions” Bot on Discord

Discord is a widely used network and is well-known for communication. Today, many users use Discord for gaming, live streaming, education, and for promotions through Discord servers.  Discord Servers are groups of channels like WhatsApp groups where members can join and communicate with each other. To manage these servers, many AI-programmed bots are used to automate the admin’s tasks such as managing servers, auto-generated messages, data handling, and privacy concerns.

This article will provide the method to use the Confessions bot on Discord using the following outline:

  1. Add Confession Bot on Discord
  2. How to Use the Confession Bot on Discord?

Add Confession Bot on Discord

A Confession bot is used for confession on Discord without letting people know the user’s identity. Users can easily make confessions without any fear or embarrassment.

Follow the given procedure to add a Confession bot on the Discord server.

Step 1: Invite the Confession Bot 

First, navigate to the Confession bot’s official website and hit the “Add to Discord” button:

Step 2: Select the Discord Server

Choose a server from the below-pointed menu and press the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Give the Required Permission

Grant the necessary permission to the Confession bot by clicking the “Authorize button:

Step 4: Human Verification

Mark the human verification captcha and add Confession bot to selected server:

The output shows that bot is successfully authorized and added to selected server:

How to Use the Confession Bot on Discord?

To make the anonymous confession using the Confession Discord bot, go through the provided steps.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Open the Start menu, make a search for “Discord”, and launch it from appeared results:

Step 2: Select Discord Server

From the left menu, open the Discord server where the Confession bot is invited:

Step 3: Create Channel for Confessions

You can find the Confession bot in the member list of the server. To use the Confession bot, users are required to create a new confession text channel. For this purpose, click on the “+” icon of “TEXT CHANNELS” option: 

Next, provide the name of the Discord channel in the “CHANNEL NAME” field and press the “Create Channel” button. For instance, we have created the “confession” channel:

The below output shows that we have effectively created the “Confession” channel:

Step 4: Add Channel for Confession 

Use the “/config” command to config the new channel with the Confession bot. Next, select the channel “confession” and press Enter:


You can see we have set up a channel for Confession Bot:

Step 5: Add Confession

To make an anonymous confession type “/confess” in the text field to enter the confession:


Step 6: Make Confession

Type the confession in the text field and hit enter key as illustrated below: 

From the below output, you have created an anonymous confession successfully:

That’s all about the Confession bot on Discord.


To use the Confession bot on Discord, first, add the Confession bot to the Discord server from its official website. After that, open the server where you have added the bot. Create a new text channel named “confession”. Configure the newly created channel with the confession bot utilizing the “/config confessions add” command. Next, make a confession through the “/confess” command. This post has illustrated how to add and use a confession bot on Discord.