Discord Markdown Text

Discord is a widely used social media chatting app to interact with different communities and their members. It is similar to other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Looking for markdown text in Discord? You have landed at the right place.

Luckily, Discord offers the markdown text formatting feature to add some extra flavor and perks to your text. It enables you to make your sentences stand out on the server.

This post will explain all aspects of using markdown text in Discord.

  1. How to Format a Text in Discord?
  2. How to Create Headers in Discord?
  3. How to Create Masked Links in Discord?
  4. How to Create Lists in Discord?
  5. How to Create Code Blocks in Discord

How to Format a Text in Discord?

The user can format text by putting some extra characters along with the text. Checkout the below table in which different styles of text, expression, and their results are represented:

Bold **bold**bold
Italic *italic* or _italic_italic 
Underline Bold __**underline bold**__underline bold
Bold Italic***bold Italic***bold Italic
Underline Bold Italic__***underline bold italics***__underline bold italics

How to Create Headers in Discord?

To create the headers in Discord, use the single hash (#) along with your text for more significant headings, double hash (##) for small headings, and triple hash (###) for extra small headings. For the visual representation, check out the provided image:

# Big Header
## Small Header
### Extra Small Header
Discord Markdown Text 1

How to Create Masked Links in Discord?

To create the masked link in Discord, wrap your text in the square brackets and add the link in the curly brackets without space. The provided text will create the hyperlink to the “its Linux FOSS” website:

[This is its Linux FOSS](https://itslinuxfoss.com/)
Discord Markdown Text 2

How to Create Lists in Discord?

To create the lists in Discord, use (*) nor () symbols at the start of every line. Navigate to the message section, type the line with the given symbol, and press the “Ctrl+Enter” to break the sentences into separate lines:

Discord Markdown Text 3

Once the typing is done hit the enter button to see the results:

Discord Markdown Text 4

Upon doing so, the list is generated.

How to Create Code Blocks in Discord?

Interestingly, you can also create the code blockchain Discord message that highlights your text among other messages. There is no hard and fast rule to just wrap your desired text into backticks (`) and send:

Discord Markdown Text 5

Once the text is wrapped into the backticks(`), Discord automatically changes the text color and turns it into code blocks. After sending the above message, the following result is obtained:

Discord Markdown Text 6

That’s all for using the Discord markdown text.


In Discord, the user can use markdown text to change and apply the formatting by using special characters. These include making the text, bold, italic, underline, bold italic, underline bold italic, etc. Apart from that, the user can also create headers, masked links, lists, and code blocks. This write-up has focused on the procedure for using all types of Discord markdown text.