How to Type Exponents in Google Docs

Google Docs provides the features to insert any type of equation in the document. Users can type these equations when writing reports, research papers, mathematical notations, etc. These features include adding superscripts, subscripts, exponents, and equations. The power of numeric or alphabets is known as components.

This article will demonstrate how to type exponents in Google Docs.

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Let’s start this guide.

Method 1: Type Exponents Using Superscript

In this method, the “Superscript” option will be used to insert the exponent. The superscript feature is available in the “Format”  option of the “Menu Bar”. Let’s see how it can be done:

Open the document and type the text you want to express in the exponent. For instance, the following image shows the text/characters which will be exponents:

Now, click on “Format” and mouse over on the text option. Select the “Superscript” option from the dropdown as shown below:

And the user can select the value (numeric as well as alphabets) to express in the exponent (i.e.,selecting 2 in our case).

Now, the equation is more reader-friendly.

Method 2: Type Exponents Using the Equation

In this method, the “Equation” option will be used to type the exponent in Google Docs. The “Equation” feature can be accessed from the “Insert” tab on the “Menu Bar”. Let’s perform this practically:

Open your document and click on the “Insert” tab, and select the “Equation” option:

Now, multiple equation formats will be available where the user needs to select the “Math Operations” format and choose an exponent format (xb) as directed in the image below:

In the equation area, the first character will act as a “base”. After writing the base, press the right arrow key, which will allow the user to write any character as an “exponent” to that base:

Note: The “4” and “6” acts as an exponent to the base “2”.

Method 3: Using Shortcut Key to Type Exponent in Google Docs

The exponent can also be typed using a shortcut key “CTRL + .”. To do so, select the character and press the shortcut key; the character will be put in the exponent. The process can be seen in the “GIF” shown below:

That’s it, these are all the possible solutions to type exponent in Google Docs.


Users can type exponents expression using “Superscript” from the “MenuBar” or using the shortcut key “Ctrl + .”. The exponents can also be typed using the “Equation” option available in the “Insert” tab of the “MenuBar”. This Google Docs guide has demonstrated all the possible methods to type exponents. Among the described methods, the shortcut key is the quickest way to type exponents in Google Docs.