How to Add and Use VoteBot to Your Discord Server

In Discord servers, users are free to share their feedback or give suggestions on different ongoing topics or queries. Sometimes, a topic gets so much attention that it becomes impossible to collect every opinion of a user. To tackle such issues, creating a poll is a good idea in Discord. To create polls to have a better overview and value everyone’s opinion, VoteBot is a great choice.

This tutorial will cover all the aspects of adding the VoteBot in Discord.

How to Add and Use VoteBot on Discord

VoteBot is self-explanatory as its name indicates that it is used for creating polls. VoteBot provides multiple polling-related features and lets the users have superb control over the polls, such as adding/removing options from existing polls. So, to use the VoteBot, we have to add it to the Discord server first. To do so, follow the given methods:

Method 1: Adding VoteBot Using Discord App Directory

The Discord app directory is just like an online store where the utilities can be visited/overviewed and added to the Discord server. The app directory contains only apps that are verified by Discord itself. To access the app directory, go to the server, access its menu from the top left using the drop-down arrow, and select the “App Directory” option.

Now, make a search for “VoteBot” and select it when it is displayed in the results.

After selecting the VoteBot, click the “Add to Server” button. Doing so will initiate the process for setting up VoteBot in Discord.

Select the respective server where the bot needs to be invited and hit the “Continue” button.

Grant the required permissions to the VoteBot using the “Authorize” button

On the appearance of hCaptcha, verify it to complete the wizard.

A green check mark will be displayed which indicates the VoteBot has been added successfully,

Method 2: Adding VoteBot Using Third-Party Sites

Third-party tools provide ease to accessing the software/bots from the internet for different Platforms. Here we are going to use the, a third-party tool for inviting the VoteBot. Simply search for the “VoteBot” platform and consider visiting the results that contain the site

Once landed on the site, press the “Invite” button placed in front of the VoteBot name.

This will redirect us towards our Discord account. Log in and follow the instructions written within the on-screen shown wizard.

How to Add VoteBot Using Mobile Device

To add the VoteBot using a mobile phone, the Discord app directory cannot be used. So, we have to rely on the third-party tool which is mentioned in the above method along with the same steps.

How to Use VoteBot on Discord

To use the VoteBot within the Discord server, commands will be used with “/” (slash), such as


Let’s create a poll by executing the below VoteBot command.

/create-vote [title] [options]

Title and answer parameters are set by default which appear right after entering the “/create-vote” command.


VoteBot Commands

VoteBot supports fifteen commands within Discord at this time. A few of them are described below:

  • /add-option: Add a new option in an existing poll
  • /change-heading: Replace the heading of a poll
  • /close: Turn off the voting from the poll
  • /language: Change the VoteBote language
  • /remove-option: Removes an option from an existing poll
  • /yes-no: Ask a simple question that needs to be answered with yes/no

How to Remove VoteBot From DIscord Desktop

Discord provides plenty of apps and lets the users install them on Discord, however, it also provides a way to remove them quickly and easily. In case VoteBot needs to be removed from the server, all we have to do is access the member’s list, right-click on the VoteBot, and hit “Kick VoteBot”.

Now, confirm the removal of VoteBot by clicking on the “Kick” button.

How to Remove VoteBot From Discord Mobile App

To remove the VoteBot by utilizing the Discord mobile application, follow the listed steps:

  • Open the member list and do a swipe from right to left within the server.
  • Next, select the VoteBot and we will get an expanded view of it.
  • Now, scroll and select the kick option.
  • Finally, click on the kick button again on the confirmation to remove the VoteBot.

That’s all about the setting up and use of the VoteBot.


To add and use the VoteBot to the Discord server, the “Discord app directory” or “third-party sites” can be used. All we need to do is invite the VoteBot to a specific server first and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. To use the VoteBot, write the “/” in the message box and click on the VoteBot icon to get the overview of commands. This guide has enlightened how to integrate and use VoteBot on our Discord server.