How to Add and Use uwu Bot on Discord?

Discord bots are AI-generated programs that automate tasks like moderation, managing roles, and statistics. That is why, larger communities use bots to make things easier on Discord. One of these bots is the uwu Discord bot. uwu Discord bot is a multi-functional bot that can be used in any Discord server. uwu bot is used for moderation, managing roles, custom commands, showing welcome messages, and for fun activities.

This write-up will describe uwu Bot using the following outline:

Note: This article can also be helpful for adding the uwu bot on Discord through the mobile application. 

How to Add uwu Bot on Discord?

uwu bot provides fun commands like slapping a fellow member for fun. The uwu bot has a very active support system. Users can join the support servers and send the developers queries. To add the uwu bot on Discord, follow these steps.

Step 1: Invite the uwu Bot

Go to the “” website and click on the “Invite” button to invite the bot on Discord:

Step 2: Selecting the Server

Click on the “Add to Server” drop-down menu and choose the Discord server. For demonstration, a server named “itsLinuxFOSS” is selected as shown below. Then, hit the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Grant Necessary Permissions

Bots require certain permissions from the owner to perform specific activities. Grant the necessary permissions and press the “Authorize”:

Step 4: Mark the Captcha

Marking a captcha highlighted below is necessary for human verification. Mark the captcha and proceed:

Step 5: uwu Bot Verification

Launch the Discord application and select the server from the left menu bar as demonstrated below:

Afterward, click on the “Show Members List” icon as highlighted below and verify the presence of uwu bot:

The above result indicates that the uwu bot is successfully added to the Discord server. 

How to Use the uwu Bot on Discord?

uwu Bot uses “uwu” as a prefix before using any commands. Let’s see how to use these commands in the Discord.

Step 1: Insert the Command

Go to the message section of the server and type the uwu bot command. For demonstration, the “uwu help” command will show all the features of the uwu Discord bot:

uwu help

Step 2: View the Result

Hit Enter key and the output of the command will be shown in the chatbox. The below result shows all the features of the uwu bot in Discord:

That is all about adding and using the uwu bot on Discord. 


To add an uwu bot on Discord, visit the “” link and click on the “Invite” button. Then, select the desired server and press the “Continue” button. Grant the needed permissions for the uwu bot and press the “Authorize” button. To use the uwu bot, “uwu” is used as a prefix before writing any commands. “uwu help” command will show all the available features of the uwu bot on Discord. This write-up has provided a complete procedure for adding and using the uwu bot on Discord.