How to Install Discord on Debian 12

Discord is a communication application that is used by different communities but mostly with the gamer community. Text messages, voice conversations, and video calls can all be made to other users using this application.

It also allows users to install different bots which help them in managing different tasks. Different Linux distributions, including those based on Debian, support the installation of Discord. This post will walk through the different approaches to installing Discord on Debian 12.

What are the Installation Methods of Discord on Debian 12?

Discord can be installed on Debian with the following methods:

  1. Using the Debian
  2. Using the tar Package
  3. Using the Snapcraft Package
  4. Using the Flathub Package

Method 1: Install Discord on Debian 12 Using the Debian Package

The first method of installing Discord on Debian 12 is by downloading the Debian package of Discord from its official website. Open the official website in the web browser and choose “deb” by clicking on the “Download” button:

Navigate the “Downloads” directory and list the contents:

$ cd Downloads && ls

Install the Discord from the downloaded Debian package:

$ sudo dpkg -i discord-0.0.28.deb

Display the version of the installed Discord:

$ discord --version

If there is no use of Discord, then it can be removed using the command:

$ sudo dpkg -r discord

Method 2: Install Discord on Debian 12 Using the tar Package

To download the tar package of Discord, again open the official website of Discord and choose “tar.gz” by clicking on the “Download” button:

In the “Downloads” directory, extract the downloaded tar package:

$ tar -xvf  discord-0.0.28.tar.gz

Navigate to the extracted directory:

$ cd Discord

Run Discord using the package:

$ ./Discord

The package has been installed successfully. 

Method 3: Install Discord on Debian 12 Using the snap Package

There are a lot of Linux packages available on the Snapcraft store. To download the snaps from the Snapcrat store, ensure that the snapd package manager has been installed:

$ sudo apt install snapd -y

To install the snap of Discord, use the command:

$ sudo snap install discord

The package has been installed.

Method 4: Install Discord on Debian 12 Using the Flatpak Package

The last method of installing Discord on Debian 12 is by using the flatpak packages. Download and install the flatpak package of Discord with the command:

$ flatpak install flathub com.discordapp.Discord

To run Discord, use the command:

$ flatpak run com.discordapp.Discord

Create a Discord account or log in to the account with the existing Discord account:

To remove the installed package of Discord, run the command:

$ flatpak uninstall flathub com.discordapp.Discord

These are the five installation methods of Discord on Debian 12. 


To install Discord on Debian 12, use the Debian and tar package by downloading it from its official website. Additionally, it can be installed by using the Snapcraft or flatpak packages. All the installation methods have been explained in this blog with a step-by-step guide.