How to Offline Sync and Use Google Docs?

Google Docs is a well-known text editor. It is used for editing, creating, and collaborating with other people. It mostly requires an internet connection to use the built-in features. Moreover, the user can also use Google Docs offline for creating and editing the content of the current document in the absence of the internet. The files created or edited without the internet will sync automatically when the user connects to the internet. Considering the importance, the purpose of this guide is to demonstrate the possible methods to Offline sync and use Google Docs.

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How to Offline Sync and Use Google Docs?

Before starting the practical implementation, first, install the “Google Docs Offline” extension. To do so, follow the article on the following link to know how offline extension can be installed on Google Docs:

Click Here: Install Google Docs Offline Extension.

Now, Let us explain the methods:

Method 1: Offline Sync Via the “Home Screen” Window

Open Google Docs on the chrome browser. An interface will open with having “Blank” document template and existing templates. Moreover, it also contains recent files from Google docs:

Move the mouse cursor to the file that the user wants to need offline sync. Click on the three dots that will raise a pop-up window. Tap the enable/disable button to turn on the “Available offline” option. This option enables the file to use offline:

The current file is ready to use Offline in Google Docs by turning on the “Available offline” option.

Method 2: Offline Sync Via the “Settings” Options

The user can also use Google Docs offline by changing “Settings”.For this purpose, tap on the “Settings” option:

It navigates to the new “Settings” window. From this window, turn on the “Offline” option that enables the user to offline sync Google Docs:

The “Offline” option will be turned on. In the last, Press the blue button “OK” located at the bottom right corner of the current window:

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Method 3: Offline Sync Via the “Make Available Offline” Option

In this method, an existing document is considered an example to make and use offline. Let’s see how it can be made available offline.

Navigate to the “File” Tab and hover over the “Make available offline” option from the drop-down list:

By pressing the selected option, the current file is ready to use offline. The pop-up message “Document now available offline” confirmed that the Google Docs offline extension is now enabled:

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How to Offline Sync and Use Google Docs Mobile App?

In this method, the Google Docs mobile app will be used to offline sync and use Google Docs. Let’s see how it works:

Open the Google Docs mobile application. Press on the dot icon of the file that which user wants to make offline:

A menu list will pop up with a list of options. Select the “Make available option”:

The verification message will be displayed at the bottom, which shows that the current document is now ready to use offline:

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In Google Docs, the user can work without the internet by enabling the extension “Google Docs Offline”. This extension is installed from the Google Chrome web store. After enabling the “Google Docs Offline” extension, numerous methods exist to sync and use Google Docs offline. This post has demonstrated the possible methods to offline sync and use Google Docs on your computer and mobile app.