How to Add and Use Writer-Bot to Your Discord Server

Discord is not only a communication platform, it is a platform where people can also learn some stuff and improve themselves in different areas. Discord bots play an important role by giving challenges and helping users with those things with which they are obsessed. One’s who are Discord users and keen to get better at writing, should use the Writer-Bot.

This blog will demonstrate the way of adding and using Discord Writer-Bot.

How to Add Writer-Bot in Discord

Discord Writer-Bot is somehow self-explanatory from its name, it assists in setting writing goals, gives writing challenges, and generates random text/ideas. Moreover, this bot is also useful for sprints and creating or managing projects related to writing within Discord.

To “add the Writer-Bot” within the Discord server, visit the site using its official link, and click on the dark pink “Invite” button as shown in the screenshot.

Next, select the desired server and click the “Continue” button.

Grant Writer-Bot permissions and click the “Authorize” button.

Click in the checkbox placed before “I am human” to verify the Discord captcha.

A success message will appear on the screen as an output after completing all the above steps.

How to Remove Writer-Bot from Discord Server

In order to “remove the Writer-Bot from the Discord server”, check the right panel of the Discord server, also known as the member’s list. Right-click from the mouse and multiple options within a vertical menu appear on the screen. Find and select the “Kick Writer-Bot”.

In the last step, provide a reason or directly hit on kick button to complete this procedure.

How to Add or Remove Writer-Bot on Discord on Smartphone

Similarly, as we set up the Writer-Bot for the Discord desktop, we need to repeat the same steps on mobile devices to successfully invite this bot to our server.

However, removing this bot through the Discord mobile application is a bit different from a desktop device, follow the below-described points to get started with the process.

  • First, get into the server by launching the Discord application
  • Next, swipe right and select the Writer-Bot
  • Now, tap on it and scroll to the end to select the kick option
  • Finally, tap on the kick to give confirmation for the elimination of Writer-Bot

How to Use Writer-Bot in Discord

To use the “Writer-Bot” within the Discord server, use the following syntax:


Each Writer-Bot command will be started with a slash. Placing a slash (/) within the chat box and then selecting the icon of Writer-Bot from the left narrow panel as shown below will list down all the available (Writer-Bot) commands.

Let’s implement a practical example by using the Writer-Bot “/challenge start” command.

/challenge start

Executing that command has provided us with the challenge of writing “2968” words in “106” minutes.

Writer-Bot Commands

There are more than fifty (50+) commands that come with the integration of Writer-Bot in the Discord server. A few useful Writer-Bot commands are described below:

/defineGet a dictionary definition of any word
/generateThis will generate places, ideas, or names randomly
/goal setSet/Customize your writing goal
/goal checkTrack the progress of the existing goal
/sprintCreate new writing sprints
/profileDisplay your personal profile
/reassureSend soothing messages to users

Run the “/help” command in case of any complexity or trouble using the Writer-Bot.


To integrate the “Writer-Bot” in the Discord server, we will utilize the website and invite the bot from it. Inviting the Writer-Bot will instantly start the setup wizard with our account. On-screen instructions will indicate how to proceed and complete the process. Once the Writer-Bot is set up successfully, use the “/help” command to learn more about it. In this guide, we have learned in detail how the Writer-Bot can be invited and used in the Discord server.