How to Grant Permissions on Discord

Like all other social media apps, Discord is also a user-friendly communication platform that enables its users to share messages, and media or talk on voice and video calls. With an open chatting platform, there are certain permissions that can limit access to different functions in a shared server or channel. These permissions are granted to ensure a healthy shared platform for communication. 

This article will discuss the below-listed aspects of granting permissions on Discord:

  1. How to Grant Permissions on Discord?
  2. How to Grant Server Permissions on Discord? 
  3. How to Delete an Assigned Role?
  4. How to Grant Channel Permissions on Discord?
  5. How to Grant Category Permissions on Discord?
  6. Synced Permissions

How to Grant Permissions on Discord?

Permissions decide who can do what on a server. These are used to control the access of members to different functions within a certain server.  In the beginning, all these default permissions are granted to everyone. It is not always an ideal choice to grant all the permissions to each member. In the case of an important data-sharing server such as for office use, if someone intentionally or accidentally deletes the server or certain important messages it will be a great loss for all the members. 

So, to limit the permissions, a new role is created and granted to a member or multiple members. This new role has different customized permissions. For instance, if you are sharing a server for business or office purposes, and you want to share important notifications only, then you can create a role to disable all other members from sending messages and so on. There is a list of permissions on a discord server which you can choose to customize.

How to Grant Server Permissions on Discord? 

Servers are spaces that are made by friends or different communities to communicate or share data. There are certain permissions within the server for members to access different roles within it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to granting server permissions on Discord. 

Step 1: Launch the Discord App

Press Win+S to launch the start menu and type Discord. Click on Open to launch the Discord app:

Step 2: Choose a Server

Choose a server on your Discord home screen. I have selected an already-created server. After choosing the server, click on the downward arrow next to the name of the selected server to launch the drop-down menu:

Step 3: Go to Server Settings

Click on Server Settings to open up the settings tab of the server:

Step 4: Add Roles

The default permissions of the server are set for everyone on the server. They are not specific for any specific member. You can customize these settings by adding new roles. Click on Roles from the left side of the window, it will pop up a full view of the Roles window on the right side. Hit Create Role, and name the role according to your own choice:

Step 5: Assign Permissions to the New Role

I chose the name “Friend” for the new role on my server. Go to the Permissions tab under the Edit Role section to assign the permissions to this role. From the drop-down list, choose to edit the permissions according to your choice and make sure to save the changes. This will let this role access all the granted permissions within the server:

Step 6: Assign the Role to the Members of the Server

Go to the members’ list of the server. Right-click on the member you want to assign to the role, choose Roles from the drop-down menu, and check the box to choose the role you want to assign to it. In my case, I have only one role created, so I am assigning my member to the Friend role:

Another way to assign the role to the member is by right-clicking on the profile photo/avatar of the member and then hitting the “+” sign above the NOTE. The pop-up window will appear to choose the role from. Click on the role you want to assign to it to grant the permission successfully:

How to Delete an Assigned Role?

To delete the assigned role of the member, right-click on the profile photo/avatar of the member and then hit the X  sign adjacent to the name of the role above the NOTE. This will remove the member from the designated role:

How to Grant Channel Permissions on Discord

Similar to server permissions, channel permissions are important too, as these determine the specific roles of members within the channel. They decide how one can behave and interact in a channel with some defined standard roles.

Here is a guide to setting up the permissions of a channel on Discord:

Step 1: Launch Server

Go to the server and choose the channel whose permissions you want to modify. Click on the gear icon next to the name of the channel to avail Edit Channel option:

Step 2: Edit Permissions

Go to the Permissions tab as highlighted in the image below. By default, the permissions are set to @everyone, these can be modified according to the choice of the admin of the channel:

Click on the “+” sign, adjacent to the ROLES/MEMBERS, and add a role or member to grant specific permissions in the channel. Make sure to save the changes after modifying the permissions:

How to Grant Category Permissions on Discord?

In a server, it is also possible to customize the Category permissions so that all the channels under the same Category can also access those customized permissions:

Here is a step-by-step guide to grant category permissions on Discord:

Step 1: Launch Server on Discord

Launch the Discord server. Right-click on the category of the channel, for instance, TEXT CHANNELS is a category. From the drop-down menu, click on Edit Category:

Step 2: Customizing Permissions

Go to the Permissions tab and see the ROLES/MEMBERS tab, as by default this section is marked as @everyone, which means that the permissions are granted to everyone. In case of customization, these will be changed for everyone too:

Edit ROLES/MEMBERS by clicking on the “+” sign, you can add the member or role to customize its permissions. Make sure to click on Save Changes to save settings:

Synced Permissions

Channel permissions are synced with the category to autoload the same permissions. If you see a notification as permissions not synced with the category, under Channel Permissions, it means that the channel does not share the same permissions as that of the category, so click on Sync Now to synchronize the permissions between both:


Permission on Discord can be granted by accessing a certain server. To do that, go to the Server settings, then click on Roles, create a new role, customize permissions for it, and grant this role to members of your choice. These permissions can also be customized within the channels and category as well. The first step is creating a customized role and then granting this role to the desired members. These permissions allow us to communicate in a healthy way with shared platforms by already setting limits to its members.