What is a .ts File?

A .ts file is abbreviated for the “Transport Stream” and is used to save the information of the video in compressed form. This compressed video file is used to store the video on DVD because the storage capacity of the DVD is in KBytes only. The “ts” format of the video file is also used to stream videos over the internet. For this purpose, the MPEG-2 compression algorithm is used to obtain the best-quality results. 

This blog will offer the .ts file with its importance and practical implementation in Ubuntu.

  • What is a .ts File?
  • Importance of .ts File
  • How to Use the .ts Files?

What is a .ts File?

Different video formats, like mp4, are used to make the video. Similar to this, there is another video format which is “ts” and is used to compress the video data. The “ts” format of videos was popular in the era of DVDs, and nowadays, with the advancement in technology.

Importance of .ts File

Now you must be thinking why we still need the ts format, whose answer is simple: it stores the information of the video in the form of chunks or packets. These tiny packages are convenient to send through the communication media to stream videos online. 

How to Use the .ts Files?

Different free and paid media players are used to play the ts format video files. For example, the most popular media player is VLC which can be downloaded on Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions. In our case, download and install VLC by following our article “How to Install VLC in Ubuntu” the 


Users can use the VLC media player to play the video files and convert the ts format into other formats like mp4. To download the sample .ts file, follow the link.

Choose the “Open File” Option

After launching the VLC by executing the “vlc” command in Ubuntu, hit the “Media” tab and pick the “Open File” option as seen in the below figure: 

Select the .ts File 

An existing .ts file is considered that is located in the home directory named “sample_640x360.ts”:

Select the above-mentioned file, and open it in the VLC media player. In this way, the .ts file is played in the player. 

Note: Users can utilize other media players such as VideoLAN and Corel VideoStudio. 


The .ts is the “Transparent Stream” acronym and a video format. This is used to store videos on DVDs and stream them on the internet. It has more or less similar functionality like mp4 and mp3 formats.

In this blog, the ts file has been explored with its applications, and its usage nowadays has been explained.