What Does_Mean in Bash

What Does <<< Mean in Bash?

In Bash, the “<<<” operator means “here strings.” It allows users to pass a string as the standard input to a command via the “command <<< string” syntax.

How to Test a PHP Script in Linux

How to Test a PHP Script in Linux?

To test the PHP script in Linux, create a .php script file and run the “php script_name.php” command. Also, users can access the script file in the web browser.

What is a Chain in iptables in Linux

What is a Chain in iptables in Linux?

In iptables, chains provide a flexible and powerful way to manage network traffic. Users can create custom chains and define specific sets of rules in them.

arping Command on Linux Explained

arping Command on Linux | Explained

In Linux, the “arping” command sends ARP requests to the host by specifying the IP address and verifying the availability of hosts on a network.

lftp Command in Linux

lftp Command in Linux

The “lftp” command transfers or manages files in a remote machine by making a connection over protocols including UDP, HTTP, FTP, and many more.

What is a .ts File

What is a .ts File?

The .ts is the “Transparent Stream” acronym and is a type of video format. This is used to store videos on DVDs and stream them over the internet.

How to Follow Redirects Using curl

How to Follow Redirects Using curl?

To follow the redirect to the URL, execute the “curl -L ” command. Before it, users must ensure that the “curl” command is installed in the system.

lrwxrwxrwx in Linux

lrwxrwxrwx in Linux

The “lrwxrwxrwx” permission specifies that the symbolic link to another file has read, write, and execution permissions to all its users and groups.

How to Use WPA_Supplicant

How to Use WPA_Supplicant?

In Linux, use the WPA_Supplicant to connect with the Wi-Fi networks. Also, establish connections with hidden, insecure networks and WEP routers.

What Does_sudo rm -rf_do

What Does ‘sudo rm -rf /*’ do?

The “sudo rm -rf /*” command recursively deletes all files and directories from the root directory. It deletes all the files on the computer permanently.

How to Force a Clock Update Using NTP

How to Force a Clock Update Using NTP?

To force a clock update using the NTP server, use the “ntpdate” command and “ntpd” service. They synchronize the time on the system with the time NTP server.

How to Upgrade Java on Ubuntu

How to Upgrade Java on Ubuntu?

To upgrade Java on Ubuntu, use the “sudo apt install openjdk-19-jdk” command or download the latest version of Java from the Oracle website and install it.

How Do I Find Out Users In A Group

How do I Find Out Users in a Group?

To find out which users are in a group within Linux, utilize the “groups”, “getent”, and “id -Gn” commands and the “/etc/group” file.

How Do I Upgrade Docker on Ubuntu

How to Upgrade Docker on Ubuntu?

To upgrade Docker on Ubuntu, first, uninstall Docker’s old version. Then, download and install the latest Docker package from the official Docker repository.