How to Make a Calendar in Google Docs?

Google Docs does not have a built-in feature of the calendar to facilitate their users. But, an alternative method can also be adapted for creating a calendar. It is useful to schedule upcoming events or meetings that remind you of the near future. Besides that, this guide will provide a method to make a calendar in Google Docs. The content is as follows:

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How to Make a Calendar in Google Docs?

Making a calendar is an essential task for making any strategy. The content that illustrates the method is as follows:

Step 1: Open a Google Docs

An empty document is carried out to accomplish the task of creating a calendar:

Step 2: Insert Table Cells

Now, users can pick cells by hovering over the “Table” option from the “Insert” tab as displayed here:

Verify that 42 cells have been inserted in the existing document for writing the number of days:

Step 3: Type the Number of Days

Insert the number of days in added cells of the calendar, which can visualize as below:

Step 4: Add Cells for Days

The same procedure will be repeated to insert the table cells for the days’ names by choosing one row and seven columns as below:

Step 5: Add Days Name

After inserting cells in the document, write the name days’ that can be visualized as below:

Step 6: Add Background color

Google Docs provides the “Background color” icon from the toolbar to add any specified color as below:

Step 7: Add Border color

For adding the border color, pick the icon from the toolbar after selecting data in the Google Docs window:

Step 8: Verify Calander

Finally, users verify that the calendar of the month “January 2029” has been created in Google Docs:

That is from this guide.

How to Make a Calendar in Google Docs(Mobile App?

Google Docs has various features in mobile applications to make a calendar. To do so, step-by-step procedures are given below:

Insert Table Cells

For inserting cells, hit the “+” button located at the top of the window that navigates to the new window. In this window, choose the “Table” option for inserting cells in Google Docs:

The user can add several rows and columns by pressing the up and down keys. After that, hit the “Insert table” button located at the bottom of the page:

Customize the Calendar

Users have multiple options at the bottom of the mobile Google Docs window to customize the calendar according to their demands:

That is from the mobile side.


Google Docs provides the “Table” option from the “Insert” tab to make a calendar in the document. It is beneficial to schedule tasks in the upcoming days. Additionally, users can customize the calendar by adding border color, borderline, background color, font size, etc. This guide has demonstrated the desktop and mobile methods for making a calendar in Google Docs.